IMPACT Printmaking Journal

Current Issue

Vol. 1 (2023)
Published 11 November 2023
Impact Proceedings // Panel Sessions and Reflective papers

Dear Printmakers and Artists,
As the months are racing to the end of the year, we are pleased to send you a selection of articles presented at the IMPACT Conference in September 2023 (where did all those months go?).

These articles are part of the Impact Proceedings from the panel sessions and reflective presentations. We will continue to publish more articles over the following months, keeping you curious and inspired by fellow printmakers.

We will also publish the next Issue 7 shortly, and we would still encourage you to submit through the open submission with your new ideas and research.

Just to welcome you to Zie Smith, who joined the CFPR in 2023 as an Intern for the Impact Printmaking Journal. Zie graduated with an MA in Multidisciplinary Printmaking in January 2023 and has been responsible for preparing articles for publishing in the Impact Journal. Many thanks to Zie for all their hard work.

We will have some news soon about the next conference, which will be in 2025. Please do keep reading and printing and sharing your research and ideas.

Best of wishes
Carinna Parraman, Impact Chair
Zie Smith, Impact Journal Intern


Laura-Beth Cowley
Crafting a Crafty Witch: Hybrid Printing Processes for Novel Animation Aesthetics
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Carolyn McKenzie Craig
Print as Infection
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Irena Keckes, Katarzyna Zimna
Materiality and Virtuality, Touch and Distance from the (Femi) Graphic Perspective
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Stephen Fowler
Rubbish Printmaking
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Marianne Wilson
An Exhibition in Lockdown: An Exhibition for 201 Telephone Box Gallery
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Jacques van der Merwe
The Empreinte in Sculpture and Printmaking
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Barbara Balfour
Inkling: Thinking about Ink
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Layli Rakhsha
My Voice from Perth
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Lisa Sheppy
An Industrial Craft Reinstated: A Printmaker's Perspective on Tissue Transferware
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Mara Cozzolino, Jacqueline F Gribbin
Making Ink from Fire
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Tiril Schrøder
Between the Pen and the Line: Digital Drawing and the Feeling of Alienation and Distance
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Katie Baldwin
Modified Land: Creative Research in Taiwan as a Fulbright Scholar in 2021
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Victoria Browne
Material Empathy in the Manufacture of a Multi-block Printed Wallcovering
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Erika Servin
Pulque: The Drink of the Gods
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Saskia Morris
Arresting the Echo: Using the Tenets of Printmedia to Work with the Voice and Perform Mourning
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IMPACT stands for ‘International Multi-disciplinary Printmaking: Artists, Concepts and Techniques'. 

The Journal supports the IMPACT Printmaking Conference, which is run every other year. The most recent IMPACT 12 conference was hosted online and in person in September 2022 in Bristol, UK, sharing new and traditional methods and technologies, exploring the historical and contemporary and the future of print. 

The IMPACT Printmaking Journal is an open-access peer-reviewed academic publication. There is no fee to submit and no fee to read the articles. All articles published from Autumn 2020 onwards are published under a creative commons licence CC BY 4.0. For more information on this licence please see here 

IMPACT Printmaking Journal supports scholarly and critical debate in the field of print: advancing technological knowledge, contextualizing print, talking about the poetry and language of print, and maintaining a showcase for print practitioners. 

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